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Strip Wound Hoses Back
Shapes and Sizes
KPC's vast range of different flexible conduits is available in diameters from 2.75mm to 350 mm. Hoses are available either in random lengths or in standard coils of 10, 15, 20 or 30 meters. Hoses can also be cut to the customers specific requirements. KPC Flexi Tubes has the unique advantage of offering a large part of its product range on spools in continual long lengths. Some aspects of strip wound hoses are described below to assist in choosing the right product.
A basic distinction can be made between two types:
Double interlocked Profile
The double interlocked profile is designed to meet the highest demands that comply with tensile and bending strength, compression and impact resistance against all mechanical stresses
Square Lock/ Lay on Profile
The square lock profile is designed for metal hoses which have to withstand negligible requirements.
Another distinction can be made between Polygonal and Round Sections:s
Size Tolerance
When a Round Strip Wound Hose is cut into short lengths, it has a tendency to change its diameter slightly, producing a "Big End" and a "Small End". A Polygonal Hose does not change its diameter when cut. Therefore, if a precise and constant size is required, polygonal Hose should be specified. Round Hoses may be used where size tolerances are greater.

Polygonal Cross Section

Exhaust Gas Leakage Rate
Round Exhaust Hoses usually incorporate copper wire packing or cotton yarn packing to control the rate of gas leakage. Packing is not required in a Polygonal Hose which will usually have lower gas leakage rates than a round hose without packing in a typical exhaust application. However, in case of solid or liquid Handling applications, a Round Hose with packing is preferred.
(Note: Where zero gas leakage is required, a KPC Corrugated Metallic Hose should be specified).

Circular Cross Section

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